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Redi-Mag pioneered the freely moving front sling section when we introduced our 2P.


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Redi-Mag pioneered the freely moving front sling section when we introduced our 2P. Now, by creating and incorporating a quickly and easily adjustable front buckle assembly, we offer another choice. You can just grab the “handle” (shown directly over the magazine of the carbine and in the extra picture) and move the slider assembly either forward or rearward to tighten or loosen the sling during a tactical situation. We just improved it even more by re-designing the steel front buckle so that it can be easily threaded more securely and allows more quick adjustment travel. Click on photos.

This Redi-Mag sling tightens more easily and has more quick adjustment than similar others. It uses dull finish mil-spec nylon webbing for the front section, a standard finish high grade nylon webbing for the rear, (gives faster action and transitions) and the finest and strongest components throughout. As is our usual, it is overbuilt, with extra webbing for the largest user. It is available in black only.

It is shown as our 1 1/2″ 2P-TQA w/M4 Kit that includes our optional quick attach-detach rear connector for the standard M4 or SOPMOD stock. You can get a detailed look at how this modular attachment works and in particular with the Magpul (TM) stock, by going to our Sling Attachments section. Our attachments allow the fastest cross-shoulder transitions with no “strangulation by sling”. Check out our modular 2P attachments to build your sling to your specs.

You can buy this sling at a discount with this rear connector included as our 2P-TQA M4 kit. This kit fits the standard M4 carbine with front side swivel.Check our attachments section to see how the M4 attachment works. If your carbine has a bottom mount front swivel you will need to get our SFSM from our attachments section, or another type of side mount from another manufacturer. The rear section which goes over the shoulder is available in 1 ¼” or 1 ½” (1 ½” is illustrated).

Redi-Mag’s policy is to offer the highest quality, most durable, and state of the art designs at a very reasonable price. This sling is no exception. They are factory direct only, which means no middle-men and no dealers. They are straight from our factory here in Oregon. If you want outstanding design and high quality at a reasonable price, you will be pleased with these professional grade tactical slings.

4 reviews for 2P Tactical Quick Adjustable Sling

  1. Ananth

    I’ve used this sling for a while now, alongside some BFG Vickers slings that use a similar setup for the quick adjustable mechanism. Boonie Packer came up with the design, and had been making them for years prior to me finding out about them through a lot of inquiry online. I’ve since convinced a few friends to buy these as well. The 2P TQA sling does everything the Vickers slings do, for less than half the cost. For $20, this is the best value in slings that I know of.

  2. Joe Ryan

    Great product – functions exactly as shown in the videos! Great customer service, fast delivery. You can’t go wrong with this sling.

  3. John Cline

    Hi-quality product and a great value. Works great. 2nd one I have purchased.

  4. David Gray

    Great sling. Very versatile. Quick adjust works just as it should. Less money than comparable slings but not less quality.

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