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We considered adding a padded rear section to our popular Redi-Mag 2P-TQA Tactical Quick Adjust sling.


We considered adding a padded rear section to our popular Redi-Mag 2P-TQA Tactical Quick Adjust sling. In our opinion though, comfort is good but versatility is better. Accordingly, we decided to make the rear section adjustable so that you can cinch the carbine tightly to your body without un-slinging. In addition, we changed the front buckle design so that it is much easier to thread for greatest security and length of adjustment. Click on photos to see this.

When you need to carry a carbine tightly cinched high on your back, this sling will do that. It is the best way to retain your weapon while climbing. Or, if you are helping a casualty, the carbine will not fall on the wounded man if it is tightly cinched to your back.

Also, the carbine can be tightly cinched high on the front when you need to rappel. In both cases the sling can be quickly loosened for aimed fire. When the cinching feature is not being used, this Redi-Mag sling operates and handles just like the original TQA, with no dangling strap. The Redi-Mag 2P-TQA is a wonderful tactical sling, and even better with the cinchable rear section!

This sling comes with two rear connectors, one for the standard M4 stock, and the other for a stock with a swivel. Side mounts are necessary for this sling and mounting front and rear is best. If your carbine has the front swivel on the bottom of the barrel, you need a side mount. Check out our SFSM in our attachments section for this. Other manufacturers also have different types. You probably will need to cut and heat seal the adjustable connector that joins the front and the rear, similar to a padded sling, as it is too long for most folks. (very long for body armor) Extra connectors are available and listed below.

Remember, our low factory direct prices are because we eliminate the middle men; they have nothing to do with quality and design. These professional grade slings go to you directly from our factory in Oregon with no discounts for dealers. That’s why they are such a good value.

4 reviews for 2P Cinchable Two Point Sling

  1. Kevin

    I had previously looked at the VTAC and VCAS slings because I wanted an adjustable sling. I read about Boonie Packer on a gun forum and purchased their 2 pt adjustable sling a day later. I had this sling attached on my AR15 in 5 minutes with hardware that came with the sling. It is very comfortable and the slide adjust works great and is very fast. This sling was half the price as the others I looked at and is a very good quality sling. I would recommend this sling for anybody looking for a tactical quick adjust sling at a good price. Another note, I got the sling 3 days after I ordered it and received it with a hand written note thanking me for my business. Not many places offer that kind of service now a days. This won’t be my last order from Boonie Packer!

  2. Eric

    Great sling. I love the versatility of the 2 way adjustment. I also love the fact that Boonie Packer sends the sling with plenty of material so you can modify it to suit your girth or body armor without running out of slack. One thing to be aware of is the extra hardware required to facilitate the quick cinching may cause snagging on some harnesses in the back. As long as you don’t have a lot of buckles or other things on the back of your gear it’s good to go.

  3. George

    By far the best sling you can buy for the money. I looked at plenty of others that cost more and this sling was just as good or better. Many companies charge twice as much or more for almost the exact same product. Boonie Packer is the way to go!

  4. Gary

    This is one of the best 2 point slings out on the market and for the price you can’t go wrong. It is very easy to adjust for any shooting or carry position. Thanks, for a great, well made and very versatile sling.

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