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New! Now no dangling strap! Cinches on the body just like before.


Pictured is the 1 1/2″ sling which has the rear over the shoulder section made from comfortable 1 1/2″ wide nylon webbing. For clarity, the picture of the entire sling does not have the new keeper. The sling is shown with our optional M4 rear connector as the 1 1/2″ 2P-AOTM w/M4 Kit. You can choose modular connectors in our attachments section to build your sling to your specs.


Versatility and simplicity usually don’t come together. They do with this sling though. It now does just about everything anyone could want a tactical sling to do and is still simple to operate. We have added a special polymer keeper to the adjusting strap that keeps it next to the fixed portion. Nothing is hanging down to interfere with mag changes. This keeper travels with the end of the sling when you make adjustments, and the sling cinches and loosens just like before. Click on the photos to see the new keeper.

This Redi-Mag 2P Adjust On The Move sling can easily cinch the weapon tight on the body and it can quickly be loosened for transition from strong side to weak side aimed fire or any setting in between. The 1″ tubular milspec nylon strap is pulled forward to tighten and the “handle” pictured near the front of the magazine is pulled rearward to loosen. This “handle” is positioned away from the pull strap so that it is easily found when in a hurry. The tip of the pull strap,designated by the 5.56 round, is designed to not slip through the quick adjust buckle unintentionally, yet be unlikely to catch on anything if you’ve choosen not to use the new keeper. We show the complete sling without the keeper for clarity. Both straps are extra long for the largest individual and can be cut and heat sealed to your preference. Our tactical slings are black only.

As is our usual, Redi-Mag overbuilds slings, but does not over price them. They are inexpensive because there are no middle men, being factory direct to you with no discounts to dealers.(We are the factory, right here in Oregon.) We have been selling tactical products to professionals for over twenty years and if you insist on outstanding design and high quality at a reasonable price, you will be very pleased with any of our Redi-Mag products.

4 reviews for 2P AOTM Combat Sling

  1. Mark

    Excellent sling. Allows a great range of carrying options, as advertised, while remaining simple to operate. I use mine on a 20″ AR, and particularly like how snug I can get the rifle on my back. Serious bargains with these slings…they’re all I buy now.

  2. Steve

    I ordered the optional 1½” sling with the M4 kit. The M4 kit is a very clever and simple way to attach the sling to an adjustable stock without having to add a sling swivel. This is a very well made sling – comparable to those costing twice as much. Extremely fast shipping! What a bargain at $24.95 shipped!

  3. Alex

    I just received this sling today. I’ll admit, I don’t have personal experience with the VTAC, VCAS, etc, so I can’t compare. But this sling is well built, sturdy, does everything I could ask a sling to do. And the price is extremely reasonable. I’d recommend this to anybody.

  4. GSmith

    Very good product! It works as well as slings costing over twice as much. I would recommend this sling to anyone looking for a well designed and built product.

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