About Us

Our History

Boonie Packer began as a one man operation from a home garage in 1977. At the time, it was known as Johnson Firearm Specialties or J.F.S. Inc.

The initial product was the Safariland Revolver Speedloader. We continue to sell them an expanded line of products and the supportive business practices of Safariland and in particular, Neale Perkins, the founder, have been a large factor in our success.


Boonie Packer

Dave Johnson, the founder and owner of JFS/ Boonie Packer classifies himself as an inventor/manufacturer, as he has designed all of the products we make.

The name Boonie Packer came about when we started production of the Safari Sling and the then vice president, Glenn Wisser, said, “That is a really neat sling for packing a rifle out in the boonies.” The name stuck, and we now do business under that name.



Glenn also coined the name “Redi-Mag” and it has become one of our most successful products.

We continue to expand and improve our product line so that it represents better function and greater value.

For over thirty years our customers have been very important to us, and we continue this tradition with our products, all made here in Oregon.

Made in Oregon