Short Bore Extender Protector


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The Short Bore Extender Protector keeps guns in place, preventing damage or leaning on other firearms as well as unwanted rust causing debris out of your bore.


The Short Bore Extender Protector is a simple yet innovative way to keep the short guns safely on the rack or in a gun safe, preventing them from sliding off or leaning onto other firearms. They are easy to trim and use the pieces in a variety of lengths and in different caliber bores. Great as a safety device keeping rust causing dust or debris out of your bore. Made of flexible yet strong bright yellow plastic nylon, measuring 10″ in length.

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6-Pack, 15-Pack

1 review for Short Bore Extender Protector

  1. Bill Lewis

    Why didn’t someone think of this product years ago! I was sick and tired of using make shift items to get my guns to fit various racks that were too tall. Also great for protecting an open bore. Price and quality are a bullseye.

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