Redi-Release Bolt Closing Lever


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Allows a right handed shooter to close the bolt with his trigger finger. Better for left handers, too.

Click here for video in combination with the Redi-Catch. Click here for video as stand alone.

Works brilliantly with the Redi-Catch to achieve unparalleled efficiency in opening and closing the bolt.


The parts moved by the magazine follower to lock open the bolt are lighter in weight than a lever of conventional design. Lower inertia mass makes locking back on empty more reliable. And since the lever does not move during locking, it cannot drag on the receiver to slow the action and cause a failure to lock back the bolt.


A strong and long 6/32 allen head cap screw gives a more secure attachment. This screw uses the same wrench as our Redi-Mag.


The spring loaded bolt release lever is always nested out of the way at the top of the trigger space unless you’re pushing it down to drop the bolt. Your trigger finger can rest on the magazine housing for safety and then come straight back to the trigger when ready to fire. Gloves are no problem.

There is a large, easily found flat area on the lower clamp portion that makes it easy to lock back the bolt with your left trigger finger. See the pictures with the Norgon ambidextrous magazine catch. Then, after inserting the fresh magazine with your right hand, use your right thumb to depress the closing lever. ( If you’re right handed, you can use the Redi-Catch which locks back the bolt by pushing the magazine catch.)

Right handed or left handed, this will increase your speed and consistency clearing malfunctions and reloading from an empty magazine. You keep maximum weapon reliability and trigger access. CNC machined from 6061 aluminum alloy.


Q. Will the BCL fit all AR15 type uppers and lowers?
A. It is designed to fit ONLY standard FORGED AR15 uppers and lowers. It will NOT work with anti walk or anti-rotation trigger and hammer pins. It will NOT fit non-standard bolt catches.

Q. Does the BCL lock back the bolt?
A. The BCL is pivoted so that it will take less space inside the trigger guard, therefore the lever itself only releases the bolt. However, the Redi-Catch will lock back the bolt.

Q. How does inertia mass affect reliable operation?
A. Inertia is resistance to movement. The heavier the bolt catch is, the slower it will move when activated by the magazine follower. If it moves too slowly, it may miss the bolt and not lock it back.

Q. How does the pivoted lever reduce inertia?
A. The pivot is on approximately the same axis as the bolt catch. Therefore the BCL does not move when the bolt catch is activated by the empty magazine. Only the top portion of the unit moves, and it is lighter weight than other one piece lever type devices.

Q. Why have one device for opening and one for closing?
A. This set up is the only one that leaves the most space in the trigger guard and keeps the lever out of the way until ready to release the bolt.

Q. Does the BCL work with ambidextrous magazine releases?
A. Yes, but currently only the Norgon and Troy. When paired with either, it makes an excellent system for left handers. The bolt can easily be locked back with the left trigger finger and closed with the right thumb.

Note: We cannot ship this product to APO addresses or locations outside the USA.

6 reviews for Redi-Release Bolt Closing Lever

  1. Rob (verified owner)

    My Release Bolt Closing Lever arrived in good time. Attached it to my M & P 15 AR without any issues. Practiced exchanging mags and running through dry fire drills. It allowed me to increase my speed by not moving my right hand grip off the grip in addition to not having to cant the AR over to find or feel for the bolt release tab, once the next mag was in, I simply moved my trigger finger off the well-side coming down tapping the Redi-Mag Closing lever, bolt went forward as designed and my trigger finger was where should have been as I maintained target view.

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    Perfect!. Will work with strike industries anti rotate pins and plenty of clearance! Can’t go wrong as long as you ordered right anti rotating pins. So this is a correction on another review on here.

  3. Brian

    I’ve been running a Redi-Release with a Redi-Mag for about 4 years on 3 different lowers and they work great. FYI: Will not work with anti rotation pins as the Redi-Release blocks the hammer pin with almost no clearance behind it.

  4. Thomas McClimans

    As a bolt release the Redi-Release is superb; installation couldn’t be easier, it doesn’t take up space in the trigger guard area, has been fully reliable w/o compromising bolt lock-back reliability and takes a deliberate downward pressure to activate (in or up won’t do it). Once I got used to it, reload speed was markedly improved. However, it doesn’t do much for helping to manually lock the bolt back, I can’t manage consistent/reliable lock-back w/either of the techniques demonstrated in the video. But that’s not important to me, that’s not the primary reason I purchased the Redi-Release in the first place. So, as a faster bolt release I give it 5 stars but take off 1 star due to problems w/locking the bolt back manually.
    Now, should the Redi-Catch become available again, that w/the Redi-Release would be the perfect AR controls upgrade, IMHO!

  5. Dale Evans

    I am a full time time trainer and have been using the redi mag system for some time now without ANY complaints. I purchased a bolt assist lever from another company to use with the redi mag system and have fell in love with the quickness of the reloads and clearing malfunctions. I recently obtained a BCL and set it up on my rifle. After about 2,000 rounds and multiple reloads to include malfunction drills(using dummy rounds),I would have to say I personally will stay with my other bolt assist lever and here is why. First and probably my biggest reason is with the other lever I can manipulate the the bolt catch with my trigger finger, so locking the bolt back I never have to take my hand off the grip and when I reload just a simple tap and the bolt drives forward. Second, with the BCL I found my self resorting back to using the rifle just as it came out of the box and never really used the BCL to drop the bolt as it was designed and could not reach the BCL with my thumb without putting the rifle in an awkward position.. The reason for the bolt assist levers is to be able to manipulate the bolt catch lever with the hand that is on the grip. That being said the BCL was definitely well built as are all Boonie Packer products and I will continue to buy their products and would love to see a “one” piece bolt assist lever from them. If you are running just the BCL without the redi mag I think it would be a great thing, but the two combined not so sure about. Again still a Boonie Packer fan for sure!

  6. Kevin

    I recently received my bolt closing lever from boonie packer/redi-mag. As with the other 2 products that I’ve received from them in the last week, it came in 3 days. Instructions came with the BCL but I prefer watching the videos that are linked right on their website for installation. Installation couldn’t have been more simple, one bolt and your done. The BCL is a product that makes things quicker and easier. This product can save valuable seconds during magazine exchanges whether you are competing or otherwise and just a few seconds can mean winning or losing. I like the fact that even with the BCL mounted you can still use the bolt release in the traditional manner if needed. The lever sits nice and high in the trigger guard and does not get in the way of your trigger finger but is easily accessible when needed. Very simple to use with a slight push of the finger, very smooth and no binding. This is a great product as are all of their products. This is a great add on to an AR and I highly recommend it to anyone. I have bought many firearm related products online over the years and from some good companies. Boonie packer is a great company. Customer service is top notch. With every purchase from them I have received a hand written letter thanking me for my business and for me that goes a long way. Not only do I recommend the Bolt Closing Lever I recommend Bonnie Packer/Redi-mag in general. Great company keep up the good work!

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