Better-Mag S&W® .22 Rimfire Magazine Adaptor


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An innovative, yet inexpensive adaptor allowing the use of Smith & Wesson .22 Rimfire magazines in a standard AR15 lower receiver.


The improved BMA II allows the magazine to drop free when the catch is pushed and will not be pulled out by the magazine.

An innovative, yet inexpensive adaptor allowing the use of the excellent and easy to load Smith & Wesson® .22 Rimfire magazines in a standard AR15 lower receiver when coupled with a CMMG® .22 Rimfire conversion unit or dedicated .22 Rimfire upper. The adaptor block is simply inserted into the magazine well and kept in place by a spring loaded friction plunger. It only takes seconds to install and is quick and easy to clean. The bolt locks open when the magazine is empty and can be locked open with the rifle bolt catch. It is also the perfect complement to use with the RM AL CNC (Aluminum Redi-Mag), allowing for exact functionality of an AR15 for full practice simulation.

A major reason the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 is so popular is its magazine. It was designed from the beginning to activate the bolt catch after the last round. It is reliable, inexpensive, and easy to find almost anywhere Smith & Wessons are sold. And, since it is so easy and painless to load due to allowing two fingers to pull down the follower, it makes shooting a lot of .22 rimfire in one session much more fun.

We were thinking of these reasons when we designed this adaptor. Now you can use this excellent magazine in your regular 5.56 carbine with a CMMG conversion kit or dedicated upper. Inexpensive practice with .22 rimfire is now more realistic and much more enjoyable with your regular carbine or rifle.

You get all of the above advantages with our adaptor unit. And you also get a precision high quality device that is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum alloy and case hardened 1018 steel. It is quickly and easily installed with no modifications required and is very easy to clean.

The BMA II will not work with Chiappa, DPMS and Tactical Solutions.

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Note: We cannot ship this product to APO addresses or locations outside the USA.

11 reviews for Better-Mag S&W® .22 Rimfire Magazine Adaptor

  1. Louis C. (verified owner)

    I bought two for dedicated 22lr builds. Sent 200 rounds through the two of them yesterday with flawless results! Great product.

  2. Steve

    Bought one almost a year ago. For my dedicated AR 22 rifle. After hundreds of mag changes and bolt releases. I can definitely say. I need another one for my 22 pistol build.

  3. Andrew Thompson

    This is without a doubt the coolest and best thing I have done to my AR. I love my 1522 but now I love my AR pistol with 22 caliber upper slightly more.

  4. Matt R

    Works awesome! Thousands of rounds later it still works great with my conversion bolt.

  5. Tom B

    Works great ,looks great ,and at a great deal!!!! Thank you

  6. Tom B

    Got it way quicker than I expected, thanks! Easy to install ,works GREAT! Ar 15 chambered in .22 works as it should ,bolt catch is operational (how it should be).

  7. steve b.

    Works flawlessly. I really like being able to use the bolt release the way it was intended with my dedicated .22.

  8. mike greer

    Well made and functions perfectly.

  9. Bob I.

    Well made and functions perfectly. Thank you for a great product.

  10. Paul Francis

    This is the only bolt hold open device that I have used successfully 100% of the time. No other competing product can replicate the M4 manual of arms like the Better-Mag can. Hands down, the best upgrade you can make to your dedicated .22LR setup.

  11. Grant P

    This excellent product worked in my Colt 6920 lower exactly as advertised.

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