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The 2+2 features two Safari Swivels and a traditional 2″ sling.


The 2+2 features two Safari Swivels and a traditional 2″ sling.

The 2+2 comes with our quick-detachable Safari Swivels finished in traditional blue or striking nickel. The patented locking system on these swivels is completely automatic, so they’re easy to get on and off. Best of all, these swivels simply will not come undone, like other swivels.

The 2+2 features soft, extra wide webbing. This distributes the load evenly and minimizes strain and fatigue as a result. The webbing is treated with Non-Slip rubber knit strips that prevent slipping and sliding. Available in black only, the webbing on the 2+2 is adjusted by means of a nimble “quick slide” buckle.

2 reviews for 2+2 Sling + Swivels

  1. Dave Miranda (verified owner)

    When you’ve invested plenty in your rifle system and backpack hunt in the Idaho hi-alpine, the 2+2 sling simply has no equal. It checks every box in quality, strength, simplicity, ease of adjustment, the very best swivels on the market, doesn’t slip, and very streamlined for pack-carry. Not much else to say!!

  2. hugh

    I own three of these slings, well made and easy to install. Sighting, holding, and firing my rifles is much easier with the soft web compared to others stiff web. Easier to shoulder and carry, less slippage.

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